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Are You Open Sundays?

No, we are not open on Sundays, but we are open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Is There A Warranty On The Repairs To My Vehicle?

Yes, we guarantee all repairs with a Limited Warranty.  Please ask our staff for details or contact Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.  Of course, cash and checks are always welcome.

Can You Service My Car Even If It Is A European Brand?

Yes, we service both foreign and domestic vehicles at Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care. We regularly handle European cars and their auto repair services.

Do I Need To Schedule An Appointment For Any Of Your Auto Repair Services?

No, you do not have to schedule an appointment with Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care. We take walk-ins, but we would be happy to schedule an appointment for you as well. We offer same-day appointments or schedule maintenance months in advance.

When Should I Bring My Car In For Repairs?

Bring your vehicle in if you notice a decrease in gas mileage, the check engine light turns on or the vehicle starts shaking while you drive. These are common indicators that your car needs repairs., but auto maintenance is not limited to these signs either.

When Should I Rotate My Tires?

Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care suggests rotating the tires every 6,000 miles to avoid tire damage or excessive wear and tear.

Do I Need New Brakes If My Car Squeaks?

No, your car does not automatically need new brakes if you hear squeaking. Your vehicle squeaks for a variety of reasons. Worn out brakes cause squeaking, but your car may need other brakes services beside replacement.

Does My Engine Need A Tune-Up?

Yes, your engine will need a tune-up at some point. Engine tune-ups with Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care include a filter replacement, oil check, coolant check and thermostat test. We protect your engine from overheating and corrosion.

There's A Puddle Under My Car. Is That Normal?

Look at the color of liquid coming from your car. The color determines what kind of leak your car has. Common leaks are from antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Visit us if your car is leaking a green or blue liquid.