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if you want to get back on the road, but feel cool air at the same time, get an idea of how your auto AC system operates. The internet has many tutorials on how AC repair and maintenance works. So anyone can be tempted to try and fix their car air conditioner by themselves. If it breaks down at some point, It’s best to trust a car care professional. It doesn’t hurt to learn more about your car though!


There are many ways your car’s air conditioner can try to get your attention and tell you that something is going on. Strange smells, noises or sounds mean that there is something wrong with your automotive AC, and you should see a professional mechanic. For example, if you smell a sweet smell inside your vehicle, you should visit a mechanic immediately. This sweet smell is caused by toxic liquid, ethylene glycol or antifreeze, and is the result of the leak on the heater core, pipe, coolant housing unit or the radiator.

Even temperature changes might indicate that something is not right. There can be many causes of a bad smell coming out of your air conditioner. Other weird smells can be from mold growing in your car, a dangerous gas leak or dirty air filters. If your AC is not clean, harmful pollutants and dust can cause bad smells anytime you turn on the car.


At first, it might seem like a great idea to DIY. If you’re not a professional, you might do more damage to the air conditioner or even hurt yourself. It may seem easy to fix, but if a repair is done wrong, this can be harmful to your car. For example, adding too much Freon can lower the unit performance and add new problems.

A complex unit like an air conditioner has many components. Diagnosing the problem is the most important thing to do with your auto AC. Many tutorials online are not from professionals and can fool you. They may even confuse you with an incorrect tutorial. Either way, leaving it to the professionals is the best thing to do.


Temperatures in Texas can get high at any time of the year. It can get extremely hot inside a car, especially without AC. Being in a hot car without a working AC unit can even be deadly to passengers. Grogan’s Mill Shell Car Care can save your vehicle from those hot and unbearable Texas temperatures. Seeing our mechanics regularly is a great way to know that your air conditioner is ready for any kind of weather.

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