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In the auto industry, safety is a top priority. To drivers, technicians and manufacturers, car safety comes first. However, there are some vehicles that go on the market then manufacturers later discover potential problems with the car. Car problems that originate from the manufacturer may be from a faulty piece or other safety hazards. In addition to this discovery, a notice goes out to car owners. The warning and car recall information will be sent to anyone who owns the specific car make and model. Recalls are to ensure maximum safety for all drivers. Therefore, the recall usually includes a free repair or installation.


If a manufacturer believes their vehicle does not meet safety standards, they must issue a safety recall. The car recall notification will be sent by mail, email or phone call since safety matters are important to all drivers. The recall explains the issue and where car owners can go to resolve this problem with their car. Recalls should be 100 percent free since the problems are from the manufacturer. Some previous car recalls include:

• Faulty airbags
• Faulty seatbelts
• Jammed gas pedals
• Overheating brakes

A safety recall can apply to any car part or equipment. Drivers who notice other problems with their car should bring their vehicle in for a diagnosis or report the case to the car manufacturer.


Along with the manufacturer, organizations exist to promote safe cars and roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tracks all vehicle recalls and defects. NHTSA also notifies drivers if their vehicle is subject to a recent recall. New studies and experiments are held every day to test safety products. NHTSA and government websites have easy search tools that allow people to search for any recalls that may affect their vehicle. So, drivers can search products, brands, VIN and other details.


As a result of all this information, if any driver believes there is a serious malfunction with their vehicle, report it to the manufacturer or NHTSA. A car recall could start with small problems with the check engine light, tires or other car parts. Many recalls and safety issues occur without warning. So, any clues or potential problems are valuable to safety organizations. In fact, reports from other drivers can save lives. Recall repairs take only a little time to handle. Drivers can even visit a car care center that they trust for a second opinion or deep diagnosis. Above all, an ASE-certified specialist can identify if a car is suffering from check engine light symptoms or deeper car defects.

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