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This is a warning for all car owners. Do not reset the check engine light. There is much more to this process than you think. As you know, the check engine light exists in all vehicles to notify the driver when there is a problem with the car. The check engine light is a small symbol that lives on the dashboard. There is not much more information that the check engine light will give you besides a sense of urgency if it begins to flash. When the check engine light turns on, the driver needs to understand that there is something wrong. However, if the driver ignores the check engine light or does a hard check engine light reset, this is only making the problem worse.


The check engine light acts as a central hub for the vehicle. Whenever there is a problem, this part of the car alerts the check engine so the light goes on to warn drivers. Within the check engine light system, there are codes and complex messages that detail the exact issue with the car. This equipment or code reader can be found at professional car care centers. Some drivers may even go on to buy their own code reader.

Simply buying this tool is not enough. After learning what code your check engine light recommends, you need to interpret that code into a repair. It is unlikely that people automatically know what P0128 represents. So, you will need to do some further investigating when it comes to reading the check engine light messages. Also, there may be more than one code from the CEL. If drivers are willing to buy a code reader, translate the codes and make the repairs on their own, then continue, but always be safe. However, not every car owner wants to make these repairs by themselves.


Cars are beautiful machines, but they are not toys. A quick fix does not compare to professional service. Professional car care will increase the lifespan of your vehicle and keep the driver safe. Temporary work may save you until your next payday, but do not leave your vehicle with unreliable auto repairs. Repairs are much cheaper than resetting the check engine light and regretting it later. A check engine light reset erases any codes that the light may be carrying. With this hard reset, the automotive problem still exists, but the message is gone.

Drivers may see that the CEL is gone and rejoice. Do not be fooled. The reset does not make any repairs. The only time a driver should allow their car to undergo a check engine light reset is when the car has all the right repairs and the light is still there. The reset should only be from a professional technician. Certified technicians in The Woodlands, Texas can differentiate between a serious problem and a random error. Your safety is important so do not reset the check engine light unless you have professional help.

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